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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out out our most frequently asked questions and let us answer any questions that you may have

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  • How can I keep my website secure?
    You can keep your website or systems secure by utilizing SSL and recaptcha to detour basic hacks but in order to keep your systems fully secure, our team of cyber security experts will assess your system and figure out what type of cyber security integrations are needed in order to keep your online presence safe and secure.
  • Is it important to keep my website safe and secure?
    Keeping your online presence safe and secure is very important. Due to the fact that each year thousands of websites and online systems get hacked. This type of dilemma can cause a website or online system to malfunction and lead to the theft of personal and financial information, which in the wrong hands can be devastating.
  • Is there a way to save my website after it has been compromised?
    Each and every cyber security case that we take on is very important to us here at Dragon Net Enterprise, if your online systems or websites have been compromised we encourage you to take the appropriate steps needed in order to save your online systems from acquiring further damages brought on from malicious injections and malware implemented by cyber criminals.
  • Is my personal data at risk if I have been hacked?
    If your website or online system has been hacked it can lead to personal data theft or the theft of valuable financial information that most likely will end up in the hands of a malicious hacker looking to cause harm or sell your information.
  • Can you help me to secure my business network?
    Our team of cyber security experts will be happy to assist you with any issues that you may be experiencing with your website or online systems. We pride ourselves on being able to get your online world safe and secure at any moment’s notice.
  • How soon can you help me with securing my network?
    Once our team of cyber security specialists is able to assess your website or system, we will be able to determine the exact course of action that is necessary in order to get your website secured utilizing the latest and effective cyber security solutions.
  • How much do your services cost?
    The severity of each case varies and our team of cyber security professionals will give you the very best price possible. In order to move forward with getting your network on the right track to being a safer environment for both client side and server side give us a call today.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

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